I tell people's love stories through candid wedding photography - in a fun, quirky and unobtrusive manner.

Welcome to Rajesh Arya Photography. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who’s not afraid to throw tradition to the wind and capture your special day in a raw photo journalistic way you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for someone who will give you the standard list of posed ‘pretty pictures’ I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m not the man for the job.

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We feel that every couple has a story to tell. A story that began well before the night of the wedding and will continue well after.

Candid Wedding Photography

Gone are the times when weddings were traditional affairs where after all the rituals the friends and family used to line up in front of the camera to get their photos taken by the photographers. The couples are more demanding than before when it comes to the smallest details of the wedding. This is the reason why there is an expert Best wedding photographer in Delhi hired for all areas of a wedding- from food to clothes, and from photos to make up.

The photos keep the memories alive forever, so they are the most important part of the wedding. All the arrangements will fall flat if there is no experienced photographer to capture the beautiful moments and make them an everlasting memory.

Wedding Films

Here is some of our crafted wedding films

Our happy customers saying


  • Sunaina & Arjun Kapoor
    “We have so many great memories, fantastic photos taken by you. You did such a great job. Thank you so much for the wonderful photographs of our wedding day and making us and our guests so comfortable.”
  • Shruti & Shekhar
    “Rajesh is really talented photographer. Not only he will catch the instant, he will also freeze what others won’t see. He knows how to make people feel comfortable and make them forget it’s a shooting. I highly recommend him.”